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Noel & Whisky has teamed up with Purely Adoptions to offer heavily subsidized food that you can purchase and donate to the stray feeders. We will deliver the items to the stray feeders on your behalf. As this is for charity, the price shown is only for applicable for that of donation purposes. Please head  to Purely Adoptions to find out more about their animal rescue cause.

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A milk substitute for dogs and cats. Animalac is a carefully balanced blend of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals formulated to meet the high nutritional needs of young debilitated animals. It is suitable for consumption even when dogs have diarrhoea.

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Dissolve 1 measure powder/3 measures (15 mL) warm water. Feed orphan as much as it will comfortably consume, without forcing as overfeeding may cause diarrhoea. Feed approximately 20% of the animal's bodyweight (grams) in mL daily. Divide the total daily requirement and feed over 4 to 6 feeds. Pregnant and Nursing Dogs and Cats Supplement diet for bitches and queens with Animalac at the rate of one measure for each kg bodyweight particularly during the last 3 weeks of nursing and whilst they are nursing.

100 g bodyweight: 20 mL (equiv. 1 measure powder/15 mL warm water)

150 g bodyweight: 30 mL (equiv. 1.5 measures/22.5 mL warm water)

250 g bodyweight: 50 mL (equiv. 2.5 measures/37.5 mL warm water)

500 g bodyweight: 100 mL (equiv. 5 measures/75 mL warm water)

Contraindications: Do not administer during the first 48 hours after birth if not an orphan as this may prevent absorption of antibodies from the mother's milk.