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Woosh Pet Ear Wipes (30 sheets)

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Woosh Pet Ear Wipes is made in Singapore and is alcohol and lanolin free, reducing potential irritations.

Made with Spunlace fabric that is soft and durable, the Woosh Pet Ear Wipes also has persimmon extract to control odour. Woosh Pet Ear Wipes has a hypoallergenic formulation that uses non-toxic ingredients, making it safe for regular use on pets.

Containing Chlorhexidine to reduce bacteria and inflammation, Woosh Pet Ear Wipes is also a natural anti-bacterial to prevent potential cross-infections between pets and owners.

Woosh Pet Ear Wipes has a strong intersected mesh cloth to trap dirt effectively and witch hazel to dissolve earwax. For added protection and conditioning, Woosh Pet Ear Wipes is enriched with olive leaf extract and vitamin E.

30 sheets