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CIAO Grilled Tuna Flakes with Sliced Bonito & Scallop in Jelly for Kitten Wet Cat Food Pouch 50g


Kittens need specially formulated food for proper development and growth. CIAO Grilled Pouch for Kitten is purposefully created just for your kittens- providing a convenient and instant wet food that is highly palatable and filled with natural flavours. Using fresh dolphin- safe tuna that is lightly grilled to perfection, every pouch is irresistibly delicious for your kitties to enjoy a wholesome mealtime.

  • Suitable for all life stages and all breeds
  • Grain-Free with No Pork, No Lard
  • 100% Human-Grade Quality Ingredients
  • Convenient storage and feeding
  • Made with deep-sea tuna certified Dolphin Safe
  • Excellent source of Hydration

Size Available:

Tuna, Scallop, Flavouring Agents, Dried Bonito, Jelly, Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Vitamin E, Fructooligosaccharides, Green Tea Powder, Taurine