Frontline Fleas & Ticks Spray 250ml

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Item Description

Product Description

Frontline Spray in a handy spray pack is a fast acting, long lasting insecticidal spray for the control and prevention of parasites on dogs and cats. It is a topical liquid (applied in a spray form) for the treatment and prevention of flea infestation, and control of adult brown dog tick and paralysis tick. 

FRONTLINE SPRAY for Dogs provides your dog with protection against fleas and ticks in the following ways:

  • Controls Brown Dog ticks when applied monthly.
  • Controls Paralysis ticks when applied every 3 weeks.
  • Controls adult fleas when applied every 4 to 12 weeks.
  • Controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis when applied monthly to the affected pet. All other dogs and cats in the household should be routinely treated too.

Product Details

Size: 250ml
  • For brown dog tick control on cats and dogs, apply Frontline Spray every month
  • For paralysis tick control on cats and dogs, apply FRONTLINE SPRAY every three weeks
  • FRONTLINE SPRAY should be used in conjunction with environmental measures