CIAO Chu Ru Tuna with Collagen Cat Treat 14g x 4 pcs

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Item Description

Product Description

Japan’s No.1 Best selling cat treats! These premium lickable treats for cats are made with real, deep sea tuna or farm-raised chicken! Available in 10 delectable varieties, Churu Purées are high in moisture to help effectively replenish lost fluid in your cat’s body.

  • Individually packaged for paw kids and parents to serve with convenience
  • Easy to 1) Feed, yogurt like purée 2)Tear 3)Carry
  • Great for senior & mature cats with dental complications or with aging teeth. Help kittens to acclimatize and transition to dry food. Great for cats with trouble/rejecting eating or have lost their appetite or that are ill
  • Helps with urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Good for finicky cats or for those who consume too little water
  • No messy leftovers
  • NO synthetic chemicals, preservatives or artificial colourings
  • GRAIN FREE -Includes Green tea extract : Provide antioxidant benefits, Source of Vitamin C and helps in removal of bad breath
  • Suitable for all life stages

Product Details

Flavor Name: Chu Ru Tuna with Collagen
Size: 14g x 4 pcs

Ways to feed

  • Used as a topping to dry or wet food, to stimulate appetite
  • Push out purée into the bowl
  • Allow cats to lick straight from the CIAO Chu ru stick
  • Feeling hot ? Freeze the chu-ru stick and let your little one enjoy a frozen treat!


White Meat Tuna, Modified starch, Tuna extract, Guar gum, Fish paste, Flavoring agents, Vitamin E, Fructooligo saccharide, Carrageenan, Green tea powder